EmergenceEcon Online Seminar

EmergenceEcon Online Seminar
EmergenceEcon is an online economics seminar on agent-based modeling, complexity theory and networks

About the seminar

The EmergenceEcon Online Seminar is a monthly virtual seminar organized by Olivier Simard-Casanova with the financial and material support of Aléryon Science. It showcases research in the following areas:

  • Agent-based modeling in economics
  • Complexity economics
  • Economics of network

The seminar is open to all researchers from all over the world, including grad students and non-economists who are working on economics. Anyone can attend for free — the costs are currently covered by Aléryon Science.

Each presentation lasts 60 minutes with 35 minutes for the presentation and 25 minutes for the discussion with the floor.

If you have any question regarding the seminar, feel free to drop me an email at osc.ac@icloud.com.

Upcoming presentations

You can add the seminar's calendar to your calendar with this URL:


Some calendar providers might need you to replace webcal at the beginning of the URL with  https.

How to attend

Attending the seminar is free — the costs are currently covered by Aléryon Science, Olivier's company.

In order to protect the seminar against malevolent actors, you need to subscribe by email to access the Zoom URL. You will receive the Zoom URL by email for the upcoming seminars and you'll be able to access it on this website after logging in (on each presentation's page).

- Do not share the Zoom URL online
- Use your full name when logging in so that I can admit you in the Zoom meeting

You can unsubscribe at any time. You can manage your subscription (including updating your email address) by logging in with the "My account" link in the menu. Your personal data is kept safe and isn't shared with any third party.

There's also a RSS feed (please be aware that you will still need to register by email to access the Zoom URLs):


Submit a presentation

If you have a work in progress on the area of the seminar and would like to present it to a global audience, feel free to submit a presentation (including if you're a grad student and/or if you're not an economist). I'm considering submissions on a rolling basis, unless specificed otherwise there is no deadline.

Please submit only one presentation at a time

To submit a presentation, send me an email at osc.ac@icloud.com with the following details:

  • "EmergenceEcon Online Seminar submission" as the subject of the email
  • the most recent version of your work (in PDF format)

Based on the volume of submissions I'll get back at you with a decision ASAP. You can reasonably expect a few weeks of wait time. Unless you haven't heard back from me way outside of this wait time window, please avoid asking for updates.

Thank you for your interest!

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